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Why The Price Of Plywood Is Rising Fast Recently?

- Nov 27, 2017 -

Recently, so many customers feedback the price of construction plywood is so high, that they have to try to find a cheaper suppliers. That’s true, the price of construction plywood is rising fast.Today, we want to analyze the reasons of it, as bellow,

-1- Shortage of raw material. With the coming of winter, temperature is more and more lower. Especially north china, the minimum temperature is below zero. As we all know, the main area of poplar is north china, Linyi, Heze, Pizhou, Langfang ect. The veneer of poplar wood is difficult to dry in cold weather. Besides, It's the rainy season in south China, hardwood veneer is shot also. so many plywood factories have to stop to production because lack of raw materials.

-2- Air pollution and government control. Anyone who lives in the north China knows that there will be more and more haze in winter, and air pollution will become more serious. So, the government will issue a series of policies to limit the production of polluting enterprises, and control air pollution. The plywood industry faces huge challenges, and more and more factories have to stop to productions.

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