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The Reuse Of 15mm Film Faced Plywood

- Oct 26, 2017 -

There are 4 factors would effect the usage of 15mm film faced plywood.

Firstly and importantly, the plywood itself quality play a key role in the process of the usage. For 15mm film faced plywood, the paper on the surface, the plywood core material, hot press pressure, glue, as well as drying process, all these component effect the plywood quality.

15mm film faced plywood

Secondly, the period of project process will result to the different usage times of 15mm film faced plywood. When a building is under construction, it would cost half year, one year, three years or others, all these will be different for the usage of 15mm film faced plywood.

Thirdly, the way to use plywood is also important for reuse times. If the worker can protect the plywood during the using process, then 15mm film faced plywood will have superior longevity.

15mm film faced plywood

Fourthly, the project environment will be a bit factor for plywood reuse. For example, there is some poplar is more tend to expand and wear out, tackless when the environment is always rainy and high temperature. But when its going into winter, all these fault will disappear. So different seasons will effect the usage of plywood. And if in high temperature and high moisture environment, we would suggest to use 15mm film faced hardwood plywood for the project.


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