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Teach You How To Distinguish Between Blockboard And Plywood

- Sep 05, 2017 -

Blockboard and plywood can be used as decorative plates, but the two also have a lot of different places, Xiao Bian to come for you to make a simple distinction.

Blockboard production of raw materials is a wooden board, the wooden lath to get the blockboard, its two surfaces are sticky wood veneer, are solid plate. Veneer is the table, the surface below the core board is the plate. In principle, there is a difference in the quality of the panels that can be sanded on one side, sanding on both sides, or both. Blockboard core board for the same tree species or similar properties of the tree species, water content of 6-12%, do not allow a larger hole and cracks.

Plywood has a variety of classification criteria, including structure, surface processing, adhesive properties, treatment methods, shape and use. Plywood is the whole board is the whole, but also to allow splicing, the center layer on both sides of the symmetrical layer of the board to be the same thickness, tree species or similar properties close to the tree species, need to ensure that the processing methods consistent texture direction. There are four main types of plywood, namely, weather-resistant plywood, water-resistant plywood, moisture-resistant plywood and tidal plywood.

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