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Select The Plywood To Pay Attention To The Following Points:

- May 30, 2018 -

1. Plywood has the difference between the front and back. When picking, the plywood should have clear wood grain, smooth and smooth front surface, and it should be smooth and smooth.

2. Plywood should not be damaged, bumps, hard injuries, tangles and other defects.

3. There is no degumming phenomenon on the whole board.

4. Some plywood is made by affixing two different lines of veneer together. Therefore, attention should be paid to the plywood patchwork where there is no unevenness.

5. When picking plywood, care should be taken to choose plywood that does not loosen. If the hand taps on various parts of the plywood, the sound is brittle, which proves that the quality is good. If the sound is boring, it indicates that the plywood has been scattered.

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