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Safety Knowledge In Construction Process Of Building Formwork

- May 26, 2018 -

In the process of building construction, we will use building templates. To help everyone in safety construction, please understand the safety knowledge during construction and pay attention to prevention.

1. Construction is prohibited in weather conditions such as rain, snow, and five gales.

2. When installing the basic template, first check the stability of the foundation pit and slope of the foundation pit. If any danger of landslide or landslide is found, effective reinforcement measures must be taken first.

3. After the support of each layer of the formwork is completed, the sawn-wood powder on the floor, the remaining wooden beams, formwork, steel pipes, fasteners, etc. should be cleaned. When cleaning the formwork and applying the large formwork release agent, the formwork must be firmly supported.

4. The operator should set up the escalator to enter and exit the pit, and must wear a safety helmet correctly when entering the construction site.

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