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Plywood Technology And Use

- Sep 05, 2017 -

(A) the production process of plywood

Plywood production in the use of peeling machine, veneer dryer, coating machine, pre-press, hot press, vertical and horizontal sawing machine, sanding machine and other machines for cutting and hydrothermal treatment, peeling, Veneer cutting, veneer drying, veneer shearing and stitching, veneer finishing, veneer gluing, billet, preloading and hot pressing, cutting edge, scraping or polishing, inspection, sorting and packaging Production processes.

Blockboard production process mainly wooden side drying treatment → cutting → core board splicing → rubber pressure → sanding → cutting board.

(B) the use of plywood

Plywood is mainly used for furniture, construction and decoration, transportation and industrial packaging. As the subject of the transaction blockboard is the ideal material for the furniture industry, widely used in the production of plate furniture (such as wardrobe, bookcases, cabinets, etc.) and architectural decoration (door frames, ceiling, partitions, etc.).

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