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Plywood Classification

- Sep 05, 2017 -

A class of plywood is weather resistant, resistant to boiling plywood, and thus has the advantages of durability, high temperature resistance and steam treatment.

Two types of plywood for the water plywood, can be immersed in cold water and short time hot water immersion.

Three types of plywood for moisture-resistant plywood, can be immersed in cold water for a short time, suitable for indoor use at room temperature. For furniture and general construction purposes.

Four types of plywood for the moisture-resistant plywood, used in the normal indoor, general use plywood with beech, linden wood, ash, birch, elm, poplar and so on.

Plywood Buy Note: select the wood grain. When purchasing multiple plywood, you should pick wood chips with similar color plywood. The number of less than 5, an area of less than 15 square millimeters; no obvious discoloration and color; no dense hair dry crack phenomenon and more than 200 mm × 0.5 mm Cracks in the diameter of less than 2 mm in the hole less than 5; length of 15 mm within the resin capsule, black gray skin per square meter less than 4; length of l50 mm, width of l0 mm resin leakage per square meter Less than 4; no rotten deterioration.

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