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Plywood Board Market Stagnated In Linyi

- Dec 02, 2017 -

Linyi is a famous plywood board market in China. All kinds of plywood was produced and export to all over the world. But when it comes into December, which is the winter in north China, plywood board market are getting into stagnated.

marine plywood 10mm plywood for partition wall board (3).png

Because when it came into winter, the government control the environment pollution strictly, so it stopped some small workshop that will cause dust.

There is another very important reason that leads to plywood board stagnated. That is thanks to the lack of natural gas, the natural gas stopped to support the service to plywood board factory in winter at this nervous stage, though it grow in price in last two months.

Now all these factors effect bad influence for Linyi plywood board market. And then that’s why so many export orders was delay or even canceled.

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