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How To Maintain Plywood

- Sep 05, 2017 -

The so-called plywood is cut from the wood section into a veneer or cut by the wooden square cut into thin wood, and then made of adhesive glue three or more layers of plate material, is the modern decoration industry is often applied to the plate products, Mainly used for furniture surface. So the maintenance of plywood into a plywood furniture maintenance, plywood in daily life how to maintain the furniture it?

First with plywood made of furniture, in the usual cleaning, do not rinse with water to prevent splint degumming, the general stains can be removed with detergent, and then wipe with a soft wipe can dry; in addition to daily life in the maintenance of plywood furniture also Have to focus on the following points:

1, plywood furniture placed should be placed smooth to prevent damage to the mortise structure.

2, plywood should not be exposed to sunlight, to prevent deformation.

3, should not be placed in the wet and humid place, or vulnerable to tide expansion and deterioration.

4, large wardrobe and other furniture, the top of the cabinet can not press the weight, or easy to make the door frame deformation.

5, plywood furniture if cracks, the application of putty and paint mix well after the flat, to prevent cracks extended to expand.

6, in the clean plywood furniture surface, should not use alkaline water and boiling water to prevent damage to the paint.

7, if the surface of the furniture stained with alkaline water or stains, to wipe the water in time, and then hit the light wax.


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