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What Is Film Faced Plywood?

- Nov 18, 2017 -

Film faced plywood refers to the quality of a man-made board covered with a layer of coated paper, laminated paper and wood-based panels by the heat pressure and generate building with the template; laminates with a smooth surface, shiny, waterproof, fireproof, with excellent Durability (weather ability, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance) and stain resistance, the use of membrane construction, making the cement mold surface is relatively smooth, better removal of the mold and to avoid the second ash, greatly improving work Efficiency and save manpower and material. At the same time, film faced plywood will not cause any pollution to the building, you can strictly limit the amount of harmful gases.

4ftx8ft film faced plywood (2).png

Film faced plywood process is a surface after printing process, but also known as post-press over plastic, refers to the laminating machine in the printed product surface covered with a layer of 0.012 ~ 0.020mm Thick transparent plastic film and form a kind of paper and plastic products processing technology. In general, according to the process can be divided into the coating, and pre-coating two. And if according to the different film materials, there are glass shining and flat lacquer

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