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Construction Of Plywood

- Nov 18, 2017 -

Hardwood and bamboo plywood is high-strength film faced bridge plate and construction formwork, which is widely applied to formwork, shear walls, vertical walls, bridge, high-level bridge, dam, tunnel etc. Also have widespread application in containers, packing boxes, truck or bus flooring and so on.

Plywood for construction
1. high strength and good tenacity, with high static  bending intensity, can reduce formwork quantity for supporting.
2. wide size and few patchwork for quick formwork supporting and removing.
3. Smooth surface easy to remove, absorption capacity for concrete only 1% of steel formwork, make smooth concrete surface, can cancel plastering, thus fasten engineering process.
4. Waterproof and boiling resistance, no deformation in water, antiseptic and insect bite control
5. Jitong plywood have high turnover up to 25 times

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