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Common Building Templates And Specifications

- May 23, 2018 -

   According to the nature of materials, building templates are generally divided into building templates, building wood glue panels, double-sided panels, and steel templates.

   Plywood construction templates are mainly wood plywood and bamboo plywood. Wood plywood is characterized by its light weight and large area. Processing is easy and there are many turnovers. Bamboo plywood is superior to wood in strength, stiffness, and hardness properties. And it is not easily deformed, even after it has been wet. Building template specification

  China's commonly used building template size, generally: 830mm x 915mm, 1220mm x 2440mm two, the thickness of about 11 ~ 18mm. The following is the detailed specification of the building template:

Specifications: 1830*915*11(mm) Specifications: 1830*915*12(mm) Specifications: 1830*915*13(mm) Specifications: 1830*915*14(mm) Specifications: 1830*915*15(mm ) Common specifications: 1830*915*16(mm) Specifications: 1830*915*17(mm) Specifications: 1830*915*18(mm) Specifications: 1220*2440*11(mm) Specifications: 1220*2440*12( Mm) Specifications: 1220*2440*13(mm) Specifications: 1220*2440*14(mm) Specifications: 1220*2440*15(mm) Common Specifications: 1220*2440*16(mm) Specification: 1220*2440*17 (mm) Specifications: 1220*2440*18(mm)

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