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Buy Plywood Tips

- May 28, 2018 -

1, in the selection, we must ensure that the front of the plywood wood grain clear, smooth and smooth, not rough, no sense of delay. High-quality qualified plywood should not be damaged, bumps, hard injuries, thrift and other defects.


    2, some manufacturers in the production of the two different lines of veneer affixed together made of plywood, so the choice should pay attention to whether the plywood patch joints are tight, there is no uneven phenomenon.


    3, in addition, it should also pay attention to whether the plywood degumming, loose plastic phenomenon. When you buy it, you can use your hand to pound all parts of the plywood. If the sound is crisp, it means that it is of good quality; if the sound is boring, it means that the plywood is loose.


    4. Finally, the environmental performance of plywood has to be taken into consideration. The quality of plywood directly determines the health status of homes. Therefore, the free formaldehyde content must not be sloppy when selecting plywood.

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