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Architectural Template Installation Notes

- Apr 20, 2018 -

(1) For multi-layer cast-in-place structures, the superstructure formwork and supports must be supported on the lower floor. At this time should pay attention to 3 points: First, the lower floor should have sufficient carrying capacity, if necessary, should be added stent; Second, the upper and lower bracket column should be basically aligned; Third, the column should be placed under the support plate. In the construction, the requirements for laying the pallets are not only for the floors, but also for the building form columns installed on the ground.

(2) The joints of the building formwork shall not leak into the slurry: leakage of slurry from the building formwork will cause the appearance of the concrete to have a honeycomb surface, which will directly affect the concrete quality. Therefore no matter what kind of material is used to make the building formwork, the joints should be tight and leak-free. In the case of wood building formwork, the joints of the wooden building formwork should not be too tight, as the water absorption of the wood will increase or decrease. After the installation is complete, the joints should be moistened with water to make the joints of the boards closed. It can be wet when watering, and there should be no water in the building template.

(3) The interior of the building template should be cleaned. Residues left behind in the building formwork can cause defects such as concrete slag inclusions. In order to clear the interior of the building template, cleanouts should be reserved.

(4) The building formwork should be painted with a release agent. When brushing, select the oily release agent that does not affect the structure and impede the construction of the decoration works. At the same time, due to the contamination of reinforcing steel and concrete joints by the separating agent, it may have a significant adverse effect on the mechanical performance of the concrete structure, so contamination of the steel bars during painting should be avoided.

(5) When supporting building templates, the requirements for embedded parts and reserved holes should be to fix the embedded parts, reserved holes and reserved holes on the building template at the same time. The deviation complies with the acceptance specification.

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