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About Building Template

- Mar 24, 2018 -

Architectural template features 

1. The surface of the template is smooth and easy to demold. The surface of the template for the adsorption of concrete is only one-seventh of the steel template. The concrete surface is smooth and has good formability. Shi

The man-hours can be eliminated when the man-made plastering work is eliminated, and the construction period of the decoration work can be shortened.

2. Because the architectural membrane board adopts phenolic glue, it has high bonding strength and good water resistance. It does not open glue after boiling for 24 hours. The template can also be used normally when the water is dampened during the concrete curing process.

3, template thermal conductivity of 0.14--0.16 kcal / m hours, far less than the thermal conductivity of the steel template, is conducive to winter construction insulation.

Second, the scope of use: 

The building formwork is very suitable for horizontal formworks, shear walls, vertical wall plates, viaducts, overpasses, dams, tunnels, and beam-column forms in tall buildings.

Third, edge repair paint: 

The building template has been sealed before leaving the factory. For new panels or drill holes, use a water-resistant phenolic paint to apply sawn edges or drill holes three times. Remember! If you notice scratches, bumps, or other minor damage on the surface of the template, paint phenolic paint.

Fourth, the template shop method: 

The wooden side close to the template should be laid vertically. Slots should be as narrow as possible and flat between boards. Wooden specifications are 5X8cn, 6X9cn or 8x10cm. The panels are sewn with putty or sealed with adhesive tape to prevent leakage of pulp and slurry from contaminating the edge of the panel. It is forbidden to collide with a hard object, and any throw and rebar are dragged on the board surface.

Top mold: first spread two wooden sides on the scaffolding, spacing 1.2m, and then longitudinally wooden side, the spacing is 0.4-0.6m, the thickness of the poured more than 200mm time should be reduced

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