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Wooden building template installation

- May 10, 2018 -

The board wood building formwork can be composed of a plurality of puzzles. Under normal circumstances, a plurality of setting boards are used to assemble and the vacant parts are added with boards. Before laying the floor slab formwork, nails and crosspieces shall be nailed on the outer side of the beam side building formwork, and joists shall be installed on the crosspieces. When the joists are not level, wooden wedges may be added at both ends to level out and then the floor building template will be laid. If the span is too large, columns can be added in the middle of the joists.

The available length between the two sides of the building formwork is equal to the wall thickness of the small square wood support, the waterproof concrete wall is added with the support head of the positive water board, and the poured concrete is used to remove the small square wood one by one. In order to prevent the pouring of the concrete wall from bulging, bolts can be used. Pull on both sides of the building template, spacing is about 1m.

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