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What is the use of a template stripper?

- Jun 20, 2018 -

After the concrete is poured and molded, if it is closely combined with the template, the template may be damaged or the concrete surface may fall off when the template is disassembled. The template separating agent is to prevent the damage to the two when the mold is removed, and it may increase the life cycle of the template. It also ensures that the surface of the concrete after demolding is in good condition.

In order to make the template not stick to the concrete, it is convenient to disassemble the template. It needs to play three roles:

1, easy to remove the mold, labor saving;

2, do not hurt the concrete;

3, less damage to the template, increase the number of repeated use of the template;

4. There is no adverse effect on the subsequent construction of plastered concrete surface after demolding.

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