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What is the key to the quality of building templates?

- Jul 17, 2018 -

First look at the raw materials. Whether the raw materials are the whole ribs (whole whole material), some raw materials are scraps.

Pull the entire board apart, and there is a clear gap for the material. The sawing is well defined, and there is no obvious gap for the whole material, so the raw materials are relatively better.

Secondly, look at the surface. Is it a molding or a secondary molding. The secondary molding has been sanded. The whole surface looks like a mirror. There are two obvious things in the middle of one plate.

Another problem is the glue. The market usually has phenolic, triamine, white glue (urine glue).

Phenolic glue is the best. White glue is the second.

The boiled method, the longer the boiling time, the better, taking triamine glue as an example, boiling for three hours without opening the glue

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