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Various types of plywood burning situation

- Sep 05, 2017 -

According to the study of plywood surface area and volume ratio and the speed of combustion and spread. The same size of the plywood, the surface area of the fire a large risk, because the surface area of large plywood space occupied by large, and the air in the contact surface is also large, so easy to burn, shaving than the plate, the material is easier to burn is the truth.

Wood pulp board manufacturers: Ambient temperature The spread of plywood is spread around the radiation to the surrounding energy. The most violent place of fire, is the strongest place of flame radiation heat, due to the impact of radiant heat, the surrounding temperature is very high, when the temperature reaches the burning point of the plywood, the surrounding plywood is soon baked, the closer, The sooner. In the indoor plywood, in addition to radiant heat after the fire, but also produce convective heat transfer, faster spread of the flame speed.

Ventilation conditions, plywood fire, the flame generally spread along the surface of wood. From the plywood inside the stack, in each log or plate between the material has a larger pore, forming a natural ventilation conditions. Once the wood stacking fire, along the pores quickly expanded to the inside and outside the stacking, if the wind, spread faster, especially the board, after the fire, the fire spread particularly fast.

Water content Wood burning and spreading speed and wood moisture content, the higher the water content, the more difficult to burn wood. And as the wood moisture content increases, the calorific value of wood burns decreases rapidly. New cutting material moisture content is very high, and with the harvest season and different, generally in the winter and sap flow of spring water more, up to 80-100% of the total dry weight. Rivers and rivers of water moisture content is also high, up to 120% or more. Timber after long-term storage, to dry air is easy to evacuate. In particular, plywood is easier to burn after air drying.

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