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Tips for Preventing Leakage of Architectural Templates

- Jun 21, 2018 -

(1) Checking the turning of the woodwork should consider the thickness of the building decoration works, leaving a decorative thickness.

(2) After the axis of the stencil is taken out of line, supervise the construction unit to have special person to perform technical review, and then correct the model.

(3) The elevations and tops of the template installation should be marked with elevations and limit measures to ensure that the elevations are accurate.

(4) The horizontal line should be pulled when supporting the mold, and vertical vertical control line should be set to ensure horizontal and vertical position and accurate position.

(5) The position of the rebar must be corrected before the pillars are supported. When forming a row of column molds, the two end column molds should be set first, and the pop-up line should be set at the bottom to determine the position and the pocket should be found. After correcting and rechecking the position, the top line is pulled and then the mold is supported.

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