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The use and function of plywood for construction

- Mar 13, 2018 -

Plywood use:

Plywood is a type of wood-based panel that is made by laminating glue. It is a large category of wood-based panels, and there are many classification methods depending on the use and material. Building formwork is a kind of plywood classified according to its purpose. It is used for concrete construction and is a kind of special plywood. Most of the building templates are plywood.

Plywood effect:

Plywood is a principle that consists of arranging raw logs in the direction of the annual rings into large single plates, drying and gluing the plates, and the plates are glued together according to the principle that the grain directions of adjacent veneer layers are perpendicular to each other. The number of veneer layers is odd, usually three to thirteen layers. Common three-ply boards, five-ply boards, nine-ply boards, and thirteen boards are available (on the market, three boards, five boards, nine boards, thirteen percent board). The outermost front panel is called the panel, the back panel is called the back panel, and the inner panel is called the core panel.

A type of plywood is a weather resistant, boiling water resistant plywood, and thus has the advantages of durability, high temperature resistance, and steam treatment.

Type II plywood is a water-resistant plywood that can be impregnated in cold water and impregnated with hot water for a short time;

The three types of plywood are damp-resistant plywood, which can be impregnated in cold water for a short period of time and are suitable for use at room temperature. Used for furniture and general construction purposes;

The four types of plywood are non-moisture-resistant plywood, which are used under indoor normal conditions. The general-purpose plywood materials include beech, eucalyptus, ash, birch, eucalyptus, and poplar.

Plywood for construction is mainly used under outdoor conditions, such as exterior decoration of buildings and concrete clay formwork. It is mainly applied to ceilings, wall skirts, and floor linings in decoration works.

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