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The role of plywood in decoration

- Sep 05, 2017 -

Plywood is the use of lower prices of logs cut into veneer, and then by a certain process to make the wooden side of the pressure, and then cut into a beautiful pattern of decorative veneer, in the design points should uphold a certain principle and skills.

First of all, decorative plywood is based on the nature of the project, the use of parts, environmental conditions and other factors use different types, grades, materials, decorative box format plywood decoration should be selected precious wood slicing veneer plywood, outdoor use plywood should use class Ⅰ Plywood. Panel decoration with clear varnish, to retain the natural color of wood surface and texture, should focus on the panel material, pattern and color choice.

The use of different thickness plywood in decorative works:

Three plywood: decorative panels are generally used to do the door sets, window sets, baseboard, wall panels, furniture and other wood to do the surface layer. Ordinary three plywood is generally used as furniture, mixed with the door sets, hoods, skirting, wall panels, furniture, surface layer, also used to do woodworking magnification of the template, is the main force in the home decoration.

Five plywood: If you require a higher number, you can use five plywood instead of three plywood to do the surface layer, arc shape inside the need to use five plywood to do

9% plywood: generally used to do the base line of the baseboard, the door sets of cutting mouth, window sets of grass-roots level, furniture

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