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The relationship between the thickness of plywood and the number of layers

- Sep 05, 2017 -

Plywood is also used in the decoration of one of the information, there are many varieties of plywood, plywood density and thickness are a measure of its quality is an important factor.

Plywood density

The higher the plywood density, the better the quality. Usually larger than the same kind of wood. The greater the unit pressure when gluing, the greater the density of the plywood. Because the wood at high temperatures prone to plastic deformation, hot press gluing than the compression of the compression rate is greater. Because the plywood is made of criss-cross veneer, its thermal conductivity is lower than that of the same kind of wood.

The outermost veneer of the plywood is called a panel, and the front panel is called a panel. The veneer is called a back plate, and the inner veneer is called a core or a plate.

Plywood thickness

Plywood is composed of some thin wood chips, there are plywood, penta, etc., occasionally there will be odd. According to the combination of different layers, the thickness of plywood is also different, usually 3 PCT board, 5 PCT board, 9 PCT board, 12 PCT board, 15 PCT board, 18 PCT board and other standards, of course, according to special circumstances There is other thickness.

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