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The main features of the building template:

- Mar 24, 2018 -

1, light weight, flexible and convenient, suitable for a variety of high and low-grade buildings, high-rise buildings, bridges and construction of large-span buildings and walls, concrete columns. The basic dimensions of the template plate surface are 2.44X1.22m and 915X1830mm. There are few construction joints, and the operation is light and the working efficiency of the formwork is improved. The

2, no warping, no deformation, no cracking, good water resistance, high turnover, long service life.

3, high strength, good toughness, high static bending strength, can reduce the use of template support. The easy-saw saves a series of unnecessary troubles caused by the use of electric drills and other constructions, and its performance is superior to that of bamboo plywood, which greatly facilitates construction. The

4. This product is made of whole core high quality poplar veneer plus high-grade thick dough. It has a certain insulation effect, easy mold release, no adsorption force, wide format, and less seams. After the mold is removed, the surface is smooth and smooth. , can be directly decorated. Demoulding is easy, only 1/7 of the steel mold.

5, corrosion-resistant, do not pollute the concrete surface. Water-proof, acid-proof and alkali-resisting performance is good. It will not be deformed by moisture in curing process of concrete. It can be used on both sides. If it is used reasonably, it can be used 8-10 times.

5. After the product has reached the end of its life, it can be used with some of its decorative underlays. It can also be used as a safety enclosure with good insulation properties and a small thermal conductivity. It can improve the antifreeze performance in the construction of winter concrete and improve the construction quality, which is beneficial to winter construction. .

6, can be processed into a variety of shapes according to the construction needs of the template.

7, the template surface is smooth, easy to demold. The surface of the template for the adsorption of concrete is only one-seventh of the steel template. The concrete surface is smooth and has good formability.

8, product categories: whole poplar wood core, pine whole core, whole wood core and a series of high profile construction template.

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