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The main advantages of the building film cover:

- Mar 30, 2018 -

Lightweight: Better suited to high-rise buildings and bridge construction.

Large format: The largest format is 3050*1525mm, which reduces the number of joints and improves the work efficiency of the mold.

No warping, no deformation, no cracking, good water resistance, no boiling water for 24 hours, good strength performance, high turnover, long service life. Stripping is easy and easy to use is 1/7 of the steel film.

Make fair-faced concrete: the surface of the casting object is smooth and beautiful, minus the secondary plastering process on the wall, and can be directly decorated on the surface. The reduction period is 30%.

Corrosion resistance: Does not contaminate the concrete surface.

Good insulation performance is conducive to winter construction.

Can change the curvature of the membrane plate.

Good construction performance, nails, sawing, drilling and other properties than bamboo plywood. Small steel plate, can be processed into a variety of shapes according to the construction requirements of the film.

Surface eye acceptance criteria:

No open glue, broken, raised layer

No plate defect

No surface repair

No color change

No table stitching from the seam

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