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The definition and characteristics of plywood

- Mar 17, 2018 -

Plywood Definition and Advantages Plywood is a three- or three-layer thin sheet made by peeling logs into veneers or wood shavings into thin wood and then bonding them with adhesive. Usually, odd-numbered veneers are used, and the fibers of the adjacent veneers are aligned perpendicular to each other. Therefore, there are three odd, five, seven and odd odd plywood.

From the structural point of view, the outer veneer of the plywood is called the table board, the front table board is called the panel, it is a single board with better quality. The opposite surface plate is called the back plate, and the next best quality is the single plate. The inner plate is called the core plate or the middle plate, and it is made of a single plate with poor quality.

1. Balanced high strength: The strength of the wood in the direction of the grain is 45 times that of the stripes, and the adjacent veneers with the texture crossing make the intensity in each direction very balanced.

2. It is not easy to shrink, expand, or change: The horizontal direction of wood is greatly deformed, and the deformation along the grain direction can be neglected. Due to the balanced structural characteristics of plywood, the direction of force of adjacent veneers is vertical and cancel each other, thus reducing shrinkage. , expansion and deformation;

3, no cracking: the characteristics of wood is easy to crack along the grain direction, and plywood is a staggered laminated material, so do not worry about cracking nails or screws;

4, a wide range of sizes: plywood size is not affected by the width of the wood, the most commonly used plywood size is 8 feet X4 feet, up to 6 feet X25 feet, through miter can reach 6 feet X 40 feet;

5, high economic efficiency: high yield, you can use cheaper wood as a core board, precious trees to do the table board, to produce high-grade sheet. And can make full use of the characteristics of different wood, to produce plywood that is both economical and has better strength than solid wood;

6, easy to surface modeling: modern architecture has a lot of curved surface design, these shapes can be made with plywood

Less waste: The waste from the production of plywood is mainly peeled wood core and rounding and broken veneer produced from wood defects, unlike sawing, which produces a lot of sawdust;

7, light weight: plywood furniture is more lightweight than solid wood furniture.

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