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Several advantages of building templates:

- Jul 25, 2018 -

  1. The flatness is very strong, no warping, no deformation, no cracking, good thermal insulation performance, which is conducive to winter construction. Easy to release, no adsorption

  2, convenient construction, easy to nail, easy to saw. It can be processed into various shapes more and can be used as a template for the curved plane, eliminating a series of troubles in other building templates.

  3, light weight, flexible and convenient to use, suitable for large-scale construction of horizontal formwork, shear wall, bridge, tunnel, beam and column in high-rise buildings.

  4. The product uses MUT building template special glue, which is resistant to water, crack and corrosion. It has water resistance and does not pollute the concrete surface.

  5, the width is large, the number of seams is small, the surface is smooth and flat after demoulding, eliminating the secondary plastering process, improving work efficiency and shortening the construction period.

  6, the use of high frequency, can be used repeatedly 20 times, double-sided can be used to save costs.

  7, durable: like ordinary templates may be used after a few times will appear rotten. But the building template is different, it has high acid and alkali resistance, so we don't need to change our template frequently. If we are a builder, there is no doubt that this durable template will be chosen. Because of this, we will spend less on the cost of purchasing templates.

  8, easy to disassemble: like a traditional wooden board, it takes a lot of effort to remove it intact. Even sometimes it takes a lot of effort to drop. But if you use this template, these processes don't need to be too complicated. You can take the template off with a gentle tap.

  9, the price is low: there is also a building template. Compared with those steel products, the price will be relatively cheaper. In this case, if you are an investor, the cost of the corresponding expenses will also decrease.

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