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How to understand the wood-based panel?

- Jun 28, 2018 -

Artificial board can be understood as: substrate + surface treatment. The most common substrates are particle board, MDF, plywood, wood board, finger joint board; the most common surface treatment is melamine impregnated film veneer, PVC film, baking varnish, and solid wood skin. For example, solid wood particle board is the melamine veneer of particle board; ecological board generally refers to the melamine veneer of wood board. Solid wood laminate refers to plywood melamine veneer.


For example, cabinets are generally common in wardrobes, bookcases, cabinets, bathroom cabinets, etc. The way of production is generally on-site woodworking and looking for an overall custom business.


1. Solid wood particle board, high industrial maturity, time-tested, cost-effective, stable physical properties, moisture-proof performance in general. Wardrobes, cabinets and bookcases are available.

2. Solid wood multi-layer board, some merchants use the particle board for different competition, the price is higher, and the moisture resistance is better than the particle board. Cabinets and bathroom cabinets are recommended.

3. MDF, mainly used to make cabinet doors with shapes.

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