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How to extend the number of building templates/plywood used?

- Jul 16, 2018 -

First of all, in use, when the template is cut, an alloy saw blade with more than 100 teeth and a sawing machine with rails are used;

When a template with an irregular shape is required, a portable electric saw is used for cutting;

After the building formwork is cut and punched, the incision must be closed with a special edge sealer to prevent the formwork from being deformed by water absorption;

In addition, when nailing or punching the template, it is necessary to put a wooden surface under the board, beware of scars on the back of the board due to the hanging space;

When using, pay attention to prevent metal corner scratches, bumps, falls, etc., be sure to ensure that its collection shape and surface integrity.

Secondly, in the maintenance of the storage, after the building formwork is demolished, the waist is immediately removed by the scraping blade to facilitate the use of the template;

If the template requires long-term storage, it should be applied with oil on its surface, stacked neatly and covered with tarpaulin;

Avoid deformation and aging of the stencil caused by sun exposure during transportation and storage;

Finally, on the construction site, the formwork should be stored in a flat, dry site, and must be kept away from extreme temperatures and humidity.

The use of the above methods to maintain the building formwork can always extend the service life of the building formwork.

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