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How to distinguish the quality of plywood products

- Sep 05, 2017 -

The use of plywood as a daily use is more common. We need to have a certain time to buy the screening ability to choose their own products, then the quality of plywood to judge it. Today we will talk about the choice and use of plywood.

Plywood is a kind of man-made sheet, the choice of plate and the choice of adhesive is essential. So we understand the products need to understand from the recent aspects of this. First of all to smell the smell of whether the product is irritating, plywood as a man-made plate smell is certain, but if the smell is very pungent is not desirable. We must make the necessary choice. The difference is that the product needs to know a lot of things. If the taste is more pungent, then the product may use a relatively poor quality of the adhesive. This plywood is best not to choose.

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