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How to buy a high quality building template?

- Jun 08, 2018 -

1. First of all, we need to look at the appearance of the building template. When the manufacturer manufactures the building template, in order to prevent the construction template from appearing stains during use, it will be affixed with a piece of paper on its surface. The surface of the paper is brighter than , very texture, people feel very comfortable; and very smooth, thickness is also standard.

2. Secondly, we also need to check the water resistance of the building formwork, especially in the summer rainy season. When the poor quality column formwork products are used 1-2 times, the plastic deformation will occur. This is because our building formwork products adopt the double-sided heating process. , The building template is fully cooked, and the use of tripolyamine waterproof glue, water resistance is very strong, the turnover of more than 8 times without deformation, do not open the plastic.

3. The manufactured building template needs to be placed in a suitable environment, which plays a very good role in ensuring the performance of the building template and brings us great benefits.

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