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How Many Times Can Film Face Plywood Be Used?

- Oct 26, 2017 -

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Both contractor and manufacturer of plywood care of the reuse times for the common interest.Then what affects it?

Quality of film face plywood

Many factors affect the quality of plywood such as Film, base core,press,glue and drying etc.

Construction period time

Process of a project directly affects reuses of film face plywood. The longer duration is, the less reuse times are.

Use method

Utilizing film face plywood correct and reasonably can prolong the life span of it.

Exterior environment

In summer, softwood core,like poplar,film face plywood will expand and delaminate when it absorbs water in humid weather,film face breaking.in contrast,the situation is better in winter.To avoid the trouble, we adopt hardwood core(eucalyptus)with smaller coefficient of expansion.Hardwood absorbs less water in humid weather, film surface smooth and durable.

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