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Different Glue In Constructions Plywood

- Nov 11, 2017 -

As we all known, the glue is very important for plywood, it can directly affect the quality of plywood. Then, which kinds of glue we often used?

According the material, it mainly have three types:

1. Phenol Glue - Moisture-proof, excellent water-resistant, weather-resistant characteristics. It can be used outdoors or indoors, can withstand outdoor wind and rain.

2. Melamine Glue - Moisture-proof, with some water-proof and weather-resistant properties. It can be used for outdoor or indoor, but not often impregnated by water.

3. Urea Formaldehyde Glue(UF glue): Moisture-proof, it often be used to indoor, or some outdoor finger joint plywood.


Besides, there are some abbreviation about glue,

1. WBP: Water Boiled Proof

2. MR: Moisture Resistant

3. PSF: Phenolic Surface Film

We often put phenol glue and high quality melamine glue called WBP glue, urea formaldehyde glue called MR glue.

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