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Construction Grade 18mm Film Faced Plywood

- Mar 05, 2018 -

18mm Film Faced Plywood

Eye surface acceptance criteria:

There is no glue on the floor

No board defectsNo surface repair

Do not change color

No splice seam


Factory has Edge. After trimming or drilling, smear the jagged or perforated three times with water-repellent phenolic paint. If scratches, bumps, should be added phenolic aldehyde.

Before use, should be evenly coated with a layer of release agent on the surface to facilitate mold release and surface cleaning, but also directly affect the quality of the concrete surface, the correct use can extend the life of the template.

After the template is removed, use a brush, a soft scraper and other non-metallic tools to clean it immediately. When stored, the corners should be stacked on a flat surface with a partition at the bottom. Do not touch the floor, good ventilation, rain and regular inspection.

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