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Comparison of plywood and ecological board

- Sep 05, 2017 -

Plywood is cut from the wood section into a veneer or cut from the wooden side chopped into thin wood, and then made of adhesive glue from the three or more layers of plate-like material, usually with odd-level veneer, and the adjacent layer veneer Of the fiber direction perpendicular to each other. There are many types of plywood. According to the use of points can be divided into: furniture plywood, packaging plywood, in accordance with the production process can be divided into: lengthened plywood, along the plywood, shaped plywood. Which LVL veneer lumber is also a kind of plywood.

Ecological plate and narrow sense of broad and two concepts.

1. The general ecological plate is equivalent to the melamine plywood, its full name is melamine impregnated film paper facing wood panel, is with different colors or textures of paper into the eco-board resin adhesive soak, and then dry to a certain degree of curing , Will be paved in the particleboard, moisture board, medium density fiberboard, plywood, blockboard or other hard fiber board surface, made by hot pressing plate.

2. In the narrow sense of the ecological board only refers to the middle of the substrate used for multi-layer solid wood (plywood), blockboard (such as Malacca, fir, Paulownia, poplar, etc.) melamine trim panels. Mainly used in furniture, cabinets wardrobe, bathroom cabinets and other fields.

The difference between plywood and ecological board

In the case of

In the narrow sense of the ecological board only refers to the middle of the substrate used for multi-layer solid wood (plywood), where many people will not figure out the ecological board of multi-layer solid wood and plywood difference. In fact, both the relationship between the two, there are differences.

First, the structure of multi-layer solid wood and plywood the same, which is the core layer of plywood for the plate (high quality requirements), but the surface and the back are used by the paint coated trees (the surface is generally more expensive Of the tree species).

Second, the multi-layer solid wood in the processing accuracy, appearance quality, surface treatment and other requirements than the plywood more stringent, in general, the production cost per square meter of plywood is multi-layer solid wood flooring manufacturing costs 10% -20%.

In the case of

The most obvious difference is that the environmental level must reach E0 or E1 plywood can be called ecological board, not all plywood can be called ecological board.

In the case of

Plywood, eco board which is good? Plywood can increase wood utilization and is a major way to save wood. It is also available for aircraft, ships, trains, automobiles, construction and crates.

The eco-board as a new product makes the veneer and plywood (or blockboard) the role of two kinds of plates combined, while saving production processes at the same time, improve the value-added products for consumers to save the cost of renovation And labor costs, is to guide the new trend of home improvement, the current market, the mainstream plate furniture are basically made of melamine plywood made of.

It's like though people invented the plane, but also need a car. Different plates are used in different places, and if the packaging used for packaging does not use the packaging plywood, while using the ecological board, it not only improves the cost of packaging, but also a waste of resources.

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