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Choose the right plywood

- May 19, 2018 -

(1) Suitable wood species, markings, and colors based on usefulness and self-selection; the appearance quality of plywood directly affects the application effect; the panel of the product should not be damaged, bumped, rotted, thrifty, etc. Cracks, indentations, contamination, rough and other defects, the backplane generally less stringent requirements.

(2) Observe whether the appearance of the plywood is cracks, wormholes, bubbling, dirty marks, and other defects. Some plywoods are two different veins of veneer stuck together, so look at the plywood when purchasing The seam is not tight, there is no uneven appearance. The furniture made with plywood with cracks is not good looking.

(3) To check whether the work of plywood is precise. Because plywood is made by sticking two veneers, it will inevitably have a positive discord. Plywood board surface should be clear wood grain, bright and flat front, not the best do not have a rough feel of the thorn, best not to have a node. If the plywood exhibits degumming, it will not only affect the construction, but also cause pollution. Therefore, you can use the hand to quietly beat the plate during the selection. If you announce a loud noise, then clarify that the plate is pasted better. If a heavy motion is announced, the plate will show the appearance of degumming. .

By developing our product range to meet the specific application demands, we have created a wide variety of Jitong panels which will help you to produce visually pleasing concrete faces. 

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