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Characteristics of building templates

- Jun 26, 2018 -

Pine is rich in turpentine, and turpentine can prevent water and bacteria from corroding it. There is a saying of "water immersion Wannian pine", so pine is suitable for working below the water table.

Pine is a coniferous plant (common coniferous plants are pine, fir, cypress). Its characteristics are: pine scent, pale yellow, sputum, fast reflection to atmospheric temperature, easy to swell, extremely difficult to dry naturally. Wait.

Pine is artificially treated (such as drying, degreasing to remove organic compounds, bleaching uniform tree color, neutralizing tree) and is not easily deformed.

Therefore, the pine building formwork also inherits the original characteristics of pine wood. At the same time, the plywood is used as a panel to overcome the shortcomings of wood unequality and good performance. The pine building formwork has the advantages of high strength, small self-weight, no warping, no cracking, large panel width and few seams.

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