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Building film template advantages

- Nov 13, 2017 -

Large Format: The largest format is 2440 * 1220, 915 * 1830mm, reducing the number of seams to improve the work efficiency mold. Does not warp deformation, no cracking, water resistance, high turnover times. Stripping easy, only steel mold 1/7.

Light weight: Easier to use for high-rise buildings and bridge construction.

The use of more: the correct storage can be used repeatedly more than 12 times.

Concrete pouring: pouring objects smooth and beautiful appearance, minus the second wall plastering process, decorative decoration can be directly reduced duration of 30%.

Corrosion resistance: do not pollute the concrete surface.

Insulation is good: conducive to the winter construction, can do curved plane template.

Construction performance: nails, sawing, drilling and other properties better than bamboo plywood, small steel, can be processed into various shapes according to the needs of the template.


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