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Blockboard and plywood selection method

- Sep 05, 2017 -

(A) blockboard selection (commonly known as big core board)

Block surface should be flat, no warping, deformation, no blistering, depression; uniform arrangement of the core bar, small gap, core without decay, fracture, wormhole, knots and so on. Some blockboard cut corners, solid wood cracks, if the nail at the gap, the basic no nail grip force. Consumers can choose to look at the sun, solid wood cracks will be through the white. If the blockboard gluing strength is not good, weigh its own profit and loss will be "creak" open plastic sound. If the big core plate distributed fragrance of wood smell, indicating less formaldehyde release; if the smell pungent, indicating more formaldehyde release.

Blockboard quality varies greatly, in the purchase to be carefully checked. First look at whether the texture of the core material is dense, with or without obvious staggered and rotten wood, with or without obvious staggered and rotten wood, rotten wood may exist in the eggs, the future prone to insects; look around with no glue , Put the phenomenon of putty, this phenomenon is generally to make up for the internal cracks or holes; then with a pointed mouth device to hit the surface of the plate, listen to the sound is very different, if the sound changes, indicating the existence of hollow inside the plate. These phenomena will weaken the overall bearing capacity of the plate, long-term uneven force will make the plate structure distortion, deformation, affect the appearance and use of results.

(B) plywood

Plywood is made of three or more layers of solid wood veneer or sheet adhesive made of hot pressing, common with three plywood, five plywood, nine plywood and twelve plywood (commonly known as plywood, five PCT board, Twelve PCT board), the structure of good strength, good stability. Plywood containing glue, the construction should be done edge sealing, day to reduce pollution. Plywood is mainly used for decorative panels of the floor, plate furniture, such as the back of a variety of wood products. Select the plywood to see its formaldehyde emission and gluing strength. If the plywood of the bonding strength is not good, easy to rack. When selecting, note whether the nominal thickness of the plywood matches the actual thickness. Select the plywood to note the following:

① plywood has positive and negative differences. Selection, the plywood to clear grain, smooth and smooth, not rough, to be flat without stagnation.

② plywood should not be damaged, bumps, Mishap, scar and other defects.

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