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Birch plywood poplar core use

- Mar 22, 2018 -

Birch is known for its combination of strength and visual appeal. Due to its unique structure, the core layer of the birch veneer forms a void-free core. This structure facilitates plywood products, screw reinforcement, creates a cleaner wood process, provides higher strength and stability, and provides a beautiful appearance when molded and formed.

Sample description:

Front and back: natural birch, white birch, Russian birch, Baltic birch, UV birch.

Core: birch, eucalyptus, poplar, hardwood, mixed core.

Our advantage:

1. We can use carton as packaging material to meet your requirements.

2. 3-13 Plywood and humidity constants are less than 14% to ensure no deformation and no glue.

3. Our employees can use efficient and professional technical work after receiving training, and can provide products on time and on time.

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