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Before the construction, the bottom treatment of the wall must be done well.

- Jun 25, 2018 -

New wall: roughly divided into three types

1. Gypsum board, light partition board, insulation board, cement pressure board, etc. on the paper surface, etc. It must be handled in strict accordance with the construction specifications, carefully scraped, but no sandpaper is needed.

2. For the wall of the board wall, such as: blockboard, plywood wall surface must be backed with base oil or putty.

3, different wall materials: such as joinery and lime wall, gypsum board and joinery, gypsum board and the original wall, must be applied during the construction process to avoid the weight of various materials in the drying process due to the speed Causes cracking and other phenomena.

Old wall: For walls or wallpapers that have been constructed on the old wall, you need to remove the wallpaper or paint and re-scrape them. If the wall surface of the latex paint is determined by the wall condition, if the drum is pulled out, peeled off or cracked, the latex paint must be removed, and then the construction is carried out with putty or white. If the original wall is intact, it can be directly constructed.

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