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Bamboo plywood and building wood form, which is more suitable for high-rise?

- Jun 05, 2018 -

High-rise buildings can use bamboo plywood or building templates, which are mainly determined according to local usage habits. Generally, the normal service life of bamboo plywood is longer than that of construction templates.

Housing construction projects can use building templates, but they can also use plastic sheets. In general, the single-sheet construction templates cost less.

Building formwork and bamboo plywood are mainly discussed in the following aspects:

1. Material: bamboo plywood is made of Nanzhu as the main raw material; wood form is made of pine and elm as main raw materials;

2. Weight: Wood template should be lighter than bamboo plywood;

3. Intensity: bamboo plywood is made of bamboo after being thrown into pieces, and then weaved into bamboo curtains. We have short and long curtains. In the template group, we use long and short curtains to form a longitude and latitude, and then combine them by high temperature and high pressure. Made of high strength; wood template is pine wood and oak wood layer glue, the first cold pressure and then hot pressing, the second molding;

4. Toughness: The toughness of bamboo plywood is better;

5. The number of uses: the use of ordinary bamboo plastic sheet 8 times, 6 times the wooden template;

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