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25mm plywood

- Dec 07, 2017 -

According to its functions and materials, the template is roughly divided into bamboo (wood) plywood, composite steel template, steel and wood large formwork, steel frame wood (bamboo) plywood and plastic formwork.

At the same time, the plywood is made and assembled at random, especially for the construction of disorderly concrete structures or components. In addition, because of low thermal conductivity, there is a certain heat preservation and maintenance effect in the construction of concrete in winter. The flexural function of bamboo plywood is superior to that of wood plywood. The bamboo plywood can be bent in a certain range, and thus can be made into a curved surface template with different radians. Arc, silo, tower high-rise building, and the circular pier column of bridge engineering can use. Plywood is one of the most widely used template data in the world, and it is also a new type of template that has a promising future in our country.

ZX-Y2 poplar plywood (2).jpg

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