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18mm Brown Film Faced Hardwood Plywood Price

Material of hardwood plywood:Eucalyptus wood
Film:120g/m2 pure water pulp
Glue: WBP, phenolic glue, etc
Application: concrete formwork, construction.

Product Details




Material of hardwood plywood

Eucalyptus wood


Black/brown matting film


120g/m2 pure water pulp



Panel size



WBP phenolic

Reuse times


7_副本.jpg  8_副本.jpg

1. veneered plywood sheets used as outdoor concrete formwork panels

2.eucalyptus veneer core, high strength and density, low coefficient of expansion and low water absorption

3.120g/m2 pure wood pulp film faced, more smooth surface and wear-resistant

4. Adopting high quality WBP phenolic bond,excellent bonding strength, no delamination after water absorption

5.Sanding and two times hot pressing process, surface is more smooth and flatter

6.Hardwood plywood sheets no warping, no fracture

7. Make the surface of concrete more smooth and beautiful, so it can be easy to make decoration and it also deduct the processing of plastering.



Pay attention to place neatly, to prevent the sun and rain

After the construction template is unloaded, it should be neatly stacked on a flat surface. Should pay attention to the board surface and the ground can not be in direct contact, the use of wood to separate its layers, keep the template ventilation, but also pay more attention to shelter and prevent the sun and rain.

In addition, in order to prevent the aging of the surface of the template, it is necessary to avoid exposure to sunlight.

If the storage environment is relatively humid, the template outer packaging and strapping should be removed to avoid deformation. During secondary handling, bundles should be repackaged to avoid loss and accidents caused by falling.

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