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Hardwood Plywood

Due to its strength, stability and convenience, Hardwood Plywood is an excellent choice for furniture, cabinets and many other items.
What is plywood?
Plywood is an engineered wood product that is made up of three to seven layers of thin wood and then glued together. The texture of each plywood is at right angles to the last one (or a tighter angle, such as 45 degrees in some plywood). This is done to create a product with high dimensional stability that resists splitting and warping.
What is the good use of hardwood plywood?
Hardwood Plywood is perfect for a variety of common uses. It is commonly used in cabinetry and furniture manufacturing. Many instruments are made of hardwood plywood, including piano and stringed instruments.
Plywood Core Options Guide
When it comes to plywood, what is its internal importance? All hardwood plywood has hardwood and back veneers, but the core may vary. Below you will find information about the different plywood cores.
Veneer core plywood
The most common type of plywood core consists of a multi-layered sheet - the western part is usually fir, the eastern part is poplar, and the northeast is poplar. Among the three most common types of plywood cores, the single core is the lightest (about 70 pounds per 4 x 8 panel) and has the best strength, stability and screw retention characteristics. It is also the most expensive and uneven, because the wood finish has a natural void.
Particleboard core plywood (PBC)
The cheapest core option is particle board, which combines refined wood particles of different sizes with urea-formaldehyde. It is the weakest plywood core option (although still denser than solid wood) and does not have screws. The PBC is also very heavy (4 x 8 panels weigh approximately 100 pounds) and will swell when exposed to moisture. It does provide a more uniform texture than single-core plywood, creating a smooth, void-free surface for the veneer.
Medium Density Fiberboard Plywood Core (MDF)
MDF is an engineered wood product similar to particleboard in which refined wood particles have a small, uniform sawdust-like consistency. In terms of strength, stability and screw-on ability, it is an improvement in the core of the PBC and the veneer and is priced between them. Like particleboard, MDF is very heavy, absorbs moisture and provides a void-free surface for veneer applications. Due to its very uniform consistency, the trim looks smooth and easy to paint.
Combined core plywood
Composite cores are a less common and more expensive option to use with some expensive hardwood veneers. The composite core uses a layer of MDF or particle board directly below the middle panel and the back and veneer layers to achieve the best of both worlds - the smooth, uniform surface of the panel veneer combined with the strength and stability of the veneer core.
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