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Plywood Shuttering Boards

Plywood Shuttering Boards

We are professional on the manufacturing and exporting of it,
being one of the experts of concrete formwork system.
Various series can meet your different needs.

Product Details

Plywood shuttering boards

Outdoor laminated plywood sheets, also called film faced plywood/marine plywood/shuttering plywood, is used as concrete formwork plywood when building is under construction. 

The building formwork used in the construction of the building accounts for one third of the total price of the concrete structure project. In order to improve the quality of the project and the efficiency of the construction, no matter what type of building formwork is used, the structure of the project and the size and location requirements of each construction connection must be ensured.

Construction template joints should be tight, can not leak materials, requires a simple structure, easy installation and removal, easy installation of steel reinforcement construction template generally has 3-18 PCT board and other specifications, of course, according to special circumstances there will be other thickness.

Core   material

100% Eucalyptus/100%   poplar/bamboo

Face/back   surface

Black   (mirror)/brown (mirror)/black (matte)/brown(matte)/green (mirror)



Panel size

1220mm*2440mm/1250mm*2500mm   or cut into size


Wbp   phenolic/melamine/mr

Reuse times

1-3 / 4-6/   6-8/ 7-10/ 10-15/ 15-20/ 20+

The building template has a balanced high strength and is not easy to shrink, expand, and deform. Plywood is not susceptible to cracking, so you don't have to worry about cracking when nailing or screwing. Because the building formwork is artificial plywood, it has a wide range of sizes and can be made to different sizes according to different needs. The plywood surface is easy to form, and the curved surface design in modern buildings can be done using plywood. In addition, the plywood is light in weight and easy to produce, move, and install.

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