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Film Faced Plywood

Film Faced Plywood is a film-covered plywood that is a phenolic (or other) impregnated paper, unlike MDO or HDO.
Depending on the color of the film, the film face plywood can be divided into brown film face plywood and black film face plywood. Brown film is much better than black film. Because the brown film is a phenolic impregnated paper and the black film is a melamine impregnated paper.
Film plywood is mainly used in construction. Therefore, film face plywood is also known as formwork veneer plywood, concrete formwork, and formwork concrete form. Due to this end use, customers often need WBP film face plywood, which is more suitable as a template for large projects. However, some customers require MR film to face plywood, which will be used as a template for common projects.
Depending on the face/back, the film face plywood can be divided into slip face plywood and non-slip film plywood (ie, wire mesh face plywood). Film-faced plywood (especially non-slip film face plywood) can also be used as a flooring material.
Film-faced plywood can also be used for shelves and furniture.
Plywood is much better quality than ordinary wood/back plywood. The process of film plywood is much stricter than ordinary wood F / B plywood. Therefore, plywood plywood is more expensive than plywood.
Due to its durability, Film Faced Plywood is widely used in the construction and vehicle industries for the manufacture of transportation equipment containers, loading platforms, truck and trailer floors, and trucks. This material is also used to make furniture for chairs, tables, sofas, beds, etc.
Leopard is the most recognizable brands of film faced plywood for sale as well as reliable manufacturers and suppliers. Wholesale services are offered by the film faced plywood. You can contact us to check the prices.
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