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Densified Film Faced Shuttering Plywood

Type: Plywood, Poplar Plywood
Brand: Jitong
Size: 1220 * 2440 mm

Product Details

Poplar plywood has the greatest moisture resistance, bending strength and durability. The symmetrically cross-bonded outer and inner layers are poplar veneers. The texture of the outer surface can be in the direction of the larger side of the panel or in the direction of the smaller side. In any case, the first size is the size of the grain direction. We provide waterproof exterior poplar plywood and interior poplar plywood.


Product advantages:

1, the surface gloss, flat, hard and smooth.

2. Corrosion resistance to common acids, alkalis and other chemicals.

3, after the concrete is poured and coagulated, the template is easy to remove the mold, and the effect of the mold release agent is better.

4, the surface clean and convenient and simple, can be cleaned with water or steam.

5, good water resistance, resistance to freezing and high temperature box.

Product parameters:

product name

Poplar plywood


Red, black, brown, green

Core finish material



1220 * 2440 mm


12-18 mm


450-460 kg/m3


4x8 feet, 3x6 feet


Outdoor Concrete Construction, Buildings / Tunnels / Bridges / Dams / Power Stations, etc.

Product application:

1. It is mainly applied to the construction of high-rise buildings, shear walls, vertical wall plates and dams, tunnels and overpasses, arch bridges and other bridges, beams and columns.

2. Poplar plywood can be used for construction furniture, door and window frames, carpentry and packaging. Poplar plywood is also suitable for use in wet areas. Due to its light weight, it can be used to create high structural stress in shops and interior decoration, shipbuilding, bathroom furniture and vehicle manufacturing.

20180515_150122_006.jpg  20180515_150122_010.jpg

Packaging and delivery:

Packing details

1. Bare bag with reinforcement

2. Inner plastic film, outer carton or plywood tape with reinforcement tape

3. Strong and high tray

delivery time:

Within 15 days after payment


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