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Black 18mm 4*8 Film Faced Concrete Shuttering Plywood

Black 18mm 4*8 Film Faced Concrete Shuttering Plywood

Plywood is an extremely versatile building material which covers a wide range of applications from wall to floor sheathing. The raw material used in the manufacture of plywood consists of coniferous wood which is a softwood, hardwood or tropical hardwood.

Product Details

black 18mm 4*8 film faced concrete shuttering plywood

Product concrete shuttering plywood
Veneer corewhole piece face eucalyptus
Size1220*2440mm, 915*1830mm
Film Finland Dynea PSF mirror, mat, anti-slip
Film colorblack, brown, or as request
GlueWBP waterproof phenolic or melamine
Hot presstwo times
Reuse timesmore than 20
Applicationoutdoor construction like buidling, dam, bridge

Features and characteristics of Jitong plywood

1. using high strength WBP phenolic or melamine glue, with delamination

2. Imported Finland film covered, beautiful mirror surface make fair-face formwork surface

3. Uniform thickness

4. Material and labor saving

5. Quality and safety, environmental protection

6. Waterproof wear-resistant, anti-cracking

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Our finished projects
Fuqing nuclear power engineering in Fujian province
Haiyan nuclear power engineering in Zhejiang province
Jinan Olympic sports center
Beiyuan viaduct in Jinan
Jiaozhouwan bridge in Qingdao
Qingdao Wanda plaza
Train station in Qingdao
Qingdao subway
Expressway between Binzhou and Dezhou
Jinan Green plaza
West train station in Jinan



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