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Bamboo Plywood For Exterior

Type: Bamboo Plywood
Brand: Jitong
Model Number: 1220 * 2440 mm

Product Details

Advantages and features

1) This plywood core material is completely hardwood, is punched and laminated uniformly, and then both sides are covered with a 0.5 mm thick hot melt adhesive, and then a film is formed on the outside.

2) Hard plastic covering each side, waterproof and moisture resistant,

3) Special surface composite materials, no need for brush release agent, easy mold release. The concrete surface is smooth and perfect.

Bamboo Plywood For Exterior


bamboo plywood for exterior


Poplar/Hardwood veneer + Bamboo + Poplar/Hardwood veneer

Panel size

1220x2440mm (4'x8') or cutting size can be based on customer requirements



Thickness tolerance

+/-1 mm - + / - 0.5 mm


Imported surface film / phenolic surface film

Film Grammage

120g / m 2 or 170g / m 2

Film Color

Mirror black, brown, red (or printed with a request sign)

Main components



WBP Phenolic resin

Moisture content



860-1000 kg/m3

Approximate Re-usage

5-15 times


1. Widely used in construction, concrete formwork, concrete formwork, etc.

2. It can be widely used in the construction of houses, roads, large concrete projects, bridges, tunnels, etc.

3. A set of plywood is sufficient for a 30-story high-rise building.

bamboo plywood for exterior application

Environmental protection and efficiency

1. High-strength phenolic adhesive

1. Waterproof, wearable, crack resistant

Customers can choose high-grade laminated plywood from us.

Our laminated film plywood is widely praised for its outstanding performance and is suitable for a variety of architectural applications. We offer coated plywood coated with high quality film to ensure its hardness and resistance to damage. Customers can use our market leading prices to obtain coated plywood.


1. If put in boiling water for 48 hours, it is still not deformed

2. When used strictly in accordance with the instructions for use, it can be reused more than 50 times, greatly reducing costs and avoiding (iron mold wear and corrosion)

3. Solve the problem of leakage and surface roughness during construction

4. Especially suitable for pouring concrete works, because it can make the concrete surface smooth

5. To achieve higher economic efficiency.

Production process


Packaging and delivery

Packing details

1. Packed in cardboard or plastic bags with steel tape outside.

2. Seal the edge of the panel with acrylic paint to prevent moisture absorption.

3. connected with galvanized steel band, can be assembled or disassembled on site


Shandong Jitong Formwork Co. Ltd

We are manufacturer and exporter of film faced construction concrete formwork plywood, main products including: bamboo plywood, bamboo bridge plywood, poplar plywood and encalyptus plywood.

We own advanced production equipment, professional quality control system and sufficient stock, which can meet your requirements for quality and delivery.

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